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Ebooks: 2 legendary Sex Pistols concerts in Norway

Buy the critically acclaimed ebook/books about the Sex Pistols concert in Oslo and Trondheim 1977.

Many previously unpublishes photos!

Sex Pistols exiled to Oslo 1977 – Banned in the UK

Buy and download the Oslo concert ebook her.

Buy the Oslo paper book her.

Sid’s Norwegian romance  – Sex Pistols exiled to Trondheim 1977

Buy and download the Trondheim concert ebook her.

Buy the Trondheim paper book her.

Fantastic reviews of Sex Pistols exiled to Oslo 1977:

  • The photographic content is sensational – the book is worth buying for this alone
    (– Phil Singleton, sex-pistols.net)
  • A single Pistols gig, explored in depth. Mathiesen paints a vivid picture of what proved to be yet another Pistols show that inspired many of its audience to go out and form bands of their own.
    (– Shane Baldwin, Records Collector)
  • This book is fabulous! I highly recommend this
    (– Ginger Coyote LA USA, punkglobe.com)
  • There used to be two essential books about the Sex Pistols (Lipstick Traces and England’s Dreaming), but now there is actually three!
    (–Tommy Olsson, Morgenbladet)
  • This is the coffee table book from Hell!
    (– Knut Hoem, Bok i P2, NRK)
  • Simply a very good book. Culture-historywise, it’s spot on. Mathiesen presents some interesting discussions and talks aobut the estetique program that the Sex Pistols represented.
    (– Kjell Lars Berge; Audio member at the Pingvin Club, professor at the Institute for linguistic and Nordic studie at the University of Oslo, rockmag.info)
  • A solid and detailed settlement with one of the greatest myhs in the history of Norwegian rock!
    (– Cecile Asker, Aftenposten)
  • This could easily be a smash hit internationally!
    (– Herman Willis, Bok i P2, NRK)
  • An important contribution to the history of Norwegian culture
    (– Tore Stemland, Musikk fra Norge)
  • This is a masterpiece!
    (– Arild Rønsen, Puls)
  • An entertaining and well written document of the time
    (– Pål Andreassen, Moss Avis)
  • Deliciously done, with extremly cool pictures. Recommened!
    (– Big Dipper)
  • Outstanding as reading and historical as documentation.. Fremragende som lesning og historisk som dokumentasjon…an invaluable jewel.
    (– Kjell Moe, Kulturspeilet)
  • Vi probably have to go back to the union of Norway to one country in the year 865 by King Harold Haarfagre, to compare with an historic event which had the same consequences as this gig
    (– Egon Holstad, Nordlys)
  • ***** Terningkast 5 (– Roar Eskild Jacobsen, Haugessunds Avis)
  • ***** Terningkast 5 (– Yan Friis, Vi Menn)
  • Painstaking mythbuilding
    (– Tom Skjeklesæther, Klassekampen)
  • Fascinating! Both as a universal, sosiological document of the time and a real nerd project where no details around the gig is let out
    (– Ole Jacob Hoel, Adresseavisa)

Great reviews of  «Sid’s Norwegian romance – Sex Pistols exiled to Trondheim 1977»:

«Delicious presented, a good told story (…) Most interesting is key
witness ‘Teddie’. She IS this book. Her story makes us feeling present
during the Pistols stay.»
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